About Us

Tess Stravopodis
Founder and Philanthropist
The Well Retreat
Canberra, Australia

To introduce myself, I am the founder and the creator of the concept of The Well Retreat and the Health for Life Australia, a not for profit organisation.

The Well was envisioned as a sanctuary for people to relax, renew themselves and be rejuvenated to face the challenges and demands of daily life.  The moment a client enters The Well I want them to feel as if they have escaped into another world, leaving all their cares and troubles outside. I also wish to empower women to take better care of their physical and mental wellbeing - something we all tend to neglect as we rush about our work and family duties.

The Well is conceived as a place with an exceptionally tranquil atmosphere, providing a range of natural and traditional treatments in an ambience of soft music, candle light, fragrance and  relaxation where people can be at peace, refresh themselves, lay aside daily cares or find ways to cope with physical and mental distress.

We operate on a philosophy of providing total relaxation, reflection, tranquility and physical and mental renewal.  This draws extensively both on Asian health teachings and on modern medical and western traditions. We also offer professional workshops and self-help classes in health and wellbeing for the community or business teams. We treat people of all ages from children to the elderly, in particular Canberra professionals in industry and government. Our service is completely personal and private, and our skilled staff are dedicated to the client for the duration of their appointment.

The Well also features a unique Tea Gallery, Gift Shop and a Function Room available for any occasion, private or corporate, such as High Teas, spa parties, club meetings, classes, family, business and other gatherings.

Operating since 2005, The Well is  a recognised part of the Canberra tourism scene and caters to visitors from all over Australia and around the world. People overseas, for example, often send their friends and loved ones in Canberra a gift certificate from The Well as a token of their care and love.

 For me, The Well is far more than a business. It is a fulfilment of the dream I have long held of helping people to feel good about themselves and their life. I feel privileged to be able to serve Canberra in this way.

Tess Stravopodis

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